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Founded in 2022, Prestige Wood Products is an innovative wood panel company disrupting the wood board industry. We provide a line of beautifully crafted, prefinished solid pine boards in a variety of colors to make your dream designs a reality.

Prestige Wood Products emerged from Lancaster Prefinishing in Lancaster County, PA when we recognized a need in the industry for modern and effortless prefinished wood planks.

Through our research and development, we tested different processes and materials to bring only the highest-quality results to you for interior walls, ceilings, and covered deck ceilings.

Following our launch in 2022, Prestige Wood Products has become a frequently used brand in new construction and renovation projects. Our goal is to continue to produce exceptional results for our customers while always improving as we grow.

For more information about our product and services, call 717-378-3468, or fill out an online form!

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Why Choose Our Wood Panel Suppliers?

Our mission is to give you the power to accent your dream space with quality wood products easily. We achieve this by using white pine and cypress wood due to their resistance to swelling, shrinking, warping, and splitting, reducing future repairs and potential installation setbacks.

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Some of the benefits of our prefinished planks include:

  • Saves Time & Labor Costs: As a wood panel supplier, we complete all preconstruction stains and finishing in our workshop. Addressing these steps beforehand ensures the product is ready for installation upon arrival and ultimately reduces labor expenses.
  • Easy to Install: All our planks are designed with tongue and groove and end-matched features for easy installment and reduced waste. Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or a DIY enthusiast, our products simplify the installation process, allowing you to attain professional results with ease. Explore tips and tricks in our DIY installation blog!
  • Protective Materials: We safeguard the natural beauty of our wood by applying premium stains and polyurethane coatings. This approach not only enhances the appeal but also ensures long-lasting protection.
  • Instant Curb Appeal: With our wood panel company, you can instantly modernize your home or establishment. Choose from our diverse range of distressed and smooth styles, each offering a unique aesthetic.


While prefinished materials typically imply a slightly higher upfront cost, the long-term benefits far outweigh the expense. With Prestige Wood Products, you’re not just investing in wood planks, you’re investing in enduring craftsmanship and value for your space.

How to Place an Order with Prestige Wood Products

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While Prestige Wood Products is manufactured by Lancaster Prefinishing, we do not sell it directly to customers. Discover how easy it is to bring Prestige Wood Products into your space with our streamlined purchasing process.

  1. Find a Local Distributor: Our team will direct you to the nearest lumber yard or distributor from our local network.
  2. Finalize your Order: Share your style, finish, and quantity, and the distributor will assist you in finalizing the order.
  3. Contact Us: Reach out to Prestige Wood Products by phone or online for information on product specifications and other questions regarding your order.

Our team is equipped to support you in securing the quality products you desire—call now!

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Experience the best of both worlds with Prestige Wood Products—the personalized customer service of a small company combined with the expansive production capabilities of a large wood panel company.

Our wood panel suppliers are committed to providing exceptional service and guidance. Whether you have questions about our products or require assistance with an order, we’re here to help!

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Contact our knowledge team of staff today to learn more about our premium wood products and services, and discover how Prestige Wood Products can elevate your space!

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Our Company: Prestige Wood Products
  • Our Address: 85 N Kinzer Rd. Kinzers, PA 17535
  • Our Phone Number: 717-378-3468
  • Our Email: info@prestigewoodproducts.com