Timeless Collection

Prefinished Distressed Wood Paneling Boards

Driven by passion for quality, Prestige Wood Products sources premium lumber. Our high standards for 100% solid white pine wood materials set the foundation for the exclusive collections we offer.

Featuring our Timeless Collection, these distressed wood paneling boards provide a textured look that is reliable, long-lasting, and affordable. Whether you’re adding an accent wall, creating dimension to an interior ceiling, or sprucing up your outdoor space with a new covered deck ceiling, our distressed and whitewashed pine tongue and groove panels will elevate your home!

From lumber sourcing to the final finishing coat, we make sure each step is performed at a peak performance to ensure a consistent, quality, and lasting product – contact us to learn more!

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Application: Interior & Exterior Covered Walls & Ceilings (Whitewashed Colors Recommended for Conditioned Interior Space Only)

Species: 100% Solid White Pine Wood

Grade: Product of Premium

Face Width: 5” (+/- 1/16th”)

Texture: Distressed

Mill: T&G, End-Matched, V-groove

Manufactured In: Lancaster, PA

Trims: Trim Packages in Coordinating Colors

Packaging : Random Length (5-12'), 26sqft/62lft per bundle (expect 5% waste factor)

Our Timeless Collection of Distressed Wood Wall Planks

What makes a product timeless? Is it its enduring qualities and craftmanship, or an effortless design that retains its charm from year to year?

In the Timeless Collection, our distressed wood wall planks are designed to last, embodying both steadfast qualities and style.

  • Distressed Character: Our wood planks undergo a distressing process, adding grooves and textures that enhance its visual appeal while maintaining a smooth surface for a touch of rustic elegance.
  • Stain & Sealing Finish: Utilizing premium stains and polyurethane, we protect the natural beauty of each board. The whitewashed and distressed wood paneling boards undergo the same staining and sealing process as the Classic Collection, with the addition of a white stain for the whitewashed styles.
  • Cooler Colors: In contrast to the warmer tones of the Classic Collection, our Timeless Collection of distressed wood panels for walls and ceilings offer a range of cooler hues, complementing numerous home décor styles.
  • Application: The textured ceiling panels in our Timeless Collection are suitable for both interior and exterior covered walls and ceilings. However, for our whitewashed tongue and groove board colors, we recommend conditioned interior spaces only to maintain its pristine finish.

While both collections share the same profile and material, the Timeless Collection stands out with its cooler color palette, textured appeal, and rustic finish.

View our Classic Collection to learn more about what makes each collection unique!

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whitewash pine tongue and groove covered porch ceiling with a full bar seating and fireplace


Easy to Install Textured & Whitewashed Pine Tongue and Groove Boards

Installing wood wall and ceiling planks may initially seem like an intimidating process. That’s why our team focused on creating a product that’s easy to install.

At Prestige Wood Products, all our products are tongue and groove and end matched to promote a hassle-free installation experience. With our commitment to innovation in our distressed and whitewashed pine tongue and groove boards, our solutions allow any do-it-yourself homeowner or seasoned contractor to save time on installation and clean up.

For an in-depth guide on how to install our classic and distressed wood wall planks, explore our installation instructions.

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Prestige Wood Products is here to help accent your dream space and walk you through the process of selecting the perfect wood species and stain color to make your project the talk of the town! Our experienced team can also guide you through any installation or maintenance questions you may have about our textured or whitewash pine tongue and groove boards – so please reach out today.

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